Friday, September 21, 2012

Frictionday 01

Friends writing fiction on a Friday

This is a weekly meme hosted by Eternal Curse Series, where friends help each other write a work of fiction on a Friday. This is open to any all who want to participate. Add your 100 word or less continuation to the story intro posted below and let’s see where the story goes. No more comment entries after the 10th one please, but feel free to comment with corrections and suggestions.


The moon was full and high in the sky shining down on the creatures of the night like a beacon calling out to those worthy of its call. The pale of its yellow tone and the ring of red encircling the orb was a sure sign that tonight was not a night for folly. To anyone who’d heard the tales and valued their life, the comfort of home became a haven. No one dared to step out into the entrapping rays of the moon’s light. For when you are within the light, you cannot see what is coming at you in the dark.

-I will start the day out with a 100 word or less introduction to a story.
-You will comment by adding in your 100 word or less continuation to what has previously been written. Please include a contact link after your submission, if you would like comments or interested parties.
-We are essentially making a story chain.  After ten comments, I will post a conclusion to the story in the comments.
-The whole story will then be complied, given a title, and posted on the blog as a complete story with the names and links of the contributors listed at the bottom. Comments will then be open to any and all who want to discuss the story.