Sunday, October 7, 2012

Author Insight 06

So I’m a little late on a few things, but stick with me. It’ll all make sense in the end.

Saturday’s R 4 Sharing.
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I didn’t get any bite this week for my topic so I am reposting the same poll to see if I get any interest for next week. Next Saturday, whether I have interest or not, I will pick a topic out of a hat, like I did last week and write about it.  Here are the current choices.
Bestselling books
Favorite indie authors
Book to screen adaptations
Who would you like to interview?
As for today, I’m taking a moment to offer some author insight.

I completed my first two interviews this week and am really liking the interview process. My first unofficial interview was of myself, for a blog hop promotion called the Next Big Thing. I didn’t come up with the questions, so it did actually feel like I was being interviewed, but I posted the interview. Then I got a chance to actually interview an aspiring author working to release her first book, Quanie Mitchell.

I think I like interviews much more than reviews, though I have not abandoned those, I’m just very behind. I have read so many books I can write reviews for, but reviewing isn’t a strong point for me. I do what I can though. The more I do, it seems, the that is expected. Being a writer isn’t easy and being an author is actually hard. Luckily for me, I write because it makes me happy, everything else is just extra. If I fail a little here and there, I don’t let it get me down. As long as I haven’t lost my will to write, I’m doing good.

A new week has started and for me that means another round of adventure. I’m glad to announce that I have a few reviews and interviews scheduled to post in the near future as well as introducing a regular featured guest. I hope you al like what I have in store and I hope I remember to keep my Info. page updated with my activities.

Comments are welcomed. Be sure stop by this week and vote for next week’s topic.