Sunday, October 14, 2012

Saturday'sR4Sharing 03

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Book to Screen Adaptations

One of these days, I will actually post my Saturday Share post on a Saturday, but until then, I say better late than never. Lately I’ve seen lots of discussions about book to screen adaptations. It seems that everyone has an opinion about it, but not everyone is talking about the same thing.

Exploring new frontiers, I have been slowly adapting to the world of There is a Listopia list there called, “Books that should be made into movies.” It is interesting to see the types of books on the list and even to see that many of them are already being made into movies.  I am reluctant to vote on many of these, simply because I cherish my stories. There are several books that I think would make for great movies; I just don’t trust Hollywood to do these books justice.  The only thing Hollywood really has going for it right now, are books. All the “creative experts” of Hollywood have run out of ideas and now they are attaching the literary world to keep them afloat.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am just as much a movie buff as I am a reader and lover of stories, but I just don’t  like it when someone takes a good idea or story and runs it into the ground. The magic of movies has uplifted me so many times, that until recently, I have been able to over look the times it has disappointed me. The problem now is that it’s not just Hollywood that’s impressing upon my beloved stories. Now the broadcast industry and the Internet is also on board with taking from books, but what are they giving back?

I guess you could say that I’m at an impassable cross roads in my mind right now. Anyone who’s written a book in the last few years, knows that a pitch for book-to-screen- adaptation has become a growing part of book marketing process. My book is still fairly unknown at this point, but I’ve already been approached by agencies, who are only in it for the money, to pay for a screen adaptation of my book to pitch to cinematic agencies.  Again, don’t miss understand me. I’d love nothing more than to see my book represented on the small or big screen, but there’s a time and place for that. I wrote a book and want people to read my book. If I didn’t want that, I would have written a screen play. Why must the two things I so enjoy cause me so much grief? I need to stop thinking so much.

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