Thursday, January 10, 2013

Review: The Perfects

The Perfects by Wendy Reakes

I give this book a 4. I loved the overall message.

Stoney and Lakey (IM personas) live on opposites side of The Pond and form a friendship online enjoying discussions of their favorite topic, the mysterious beings known as the Perfects. Lakey (Mia) lives in the U.K. and Stoney (Tom) lives in New York, but soon individual chance encounters with these strange creatures will bring them together, at Stonehenge no less.

There is so much about this story I really like, but I felt like whole thing was told too slow, right up until the end when everything happened too fast. I loved the descriptions and the details, but sometimes I felt like the story was put aside will the details where being worked out. There were many characters and lots of jumping around that I thought actually added to the appeal of the story, but again the pacing was off. With that being said, I kept on reading because I just had to know about The Perfects and how they could possibly be the answer to all the problems of the modern world.

Sometimes I can get into conspiracy theories just for the thought process or the entertainment, so I did find it quite interesting the way this author was able to tie in and connected centuries of separate theories and pull them all together in one clean and easy to believable package. Reakes made connections that I honestly would have never thought of. It was quite refreshing. 

Since the story is by a British author and takes place in the U.K., it was a bit difficult for this Yankee to keep up with some of the terminology, but again, I thought that added character to the overall story.  This is a pretty family friendly book, but it does deal with some strong and intense themes. I not sure of the classification, but I’d say this is a rather mature (non-sexual) YA read and good for teens and adults who aren’t afraid to take their minds to strange places in search of hope.