Thursday, January 17, 2013

Review: Coke with a Twist

Coke with a Twist by A. W. Hartoin

I give this short  read a 4.

This is your basic detective story run down with a pretty woman in the lead. Mercy, a Marilyn look-a-like, goes undercover at shady bar to help her dad solve a missing person’s case, which turns out to be pointless in her efforts, but does serve a purpose near the end of the story. It’s a very short read that packs in quite a bit of detail, stats, and imagery, leaving the reader feeling as if it has been a longer and equally satisfying read.

The story line was pretty good with just the right amount of twists, right down to the pun in the title.  A guy goes missing after a girl he’s involved with is drugged and abandoned and then brutally assaulted. Everyone wants to know what part the missing beau had to play in the girl’s attack, since he was the last one she was seen with before the violence ensued.

I’m pretty good at solving tv and movie crimes and mysteries, so I wasn’t disappointed when I figured out “who done it” before the big reveal… beside it was still a pretty good reveal. This is a great read for sitting in waiting rooms, traffic, or any other waiting scenario. I think this is a good short read for any mature teen, pending parental approval, and adult who wants an easy read filled with suspense.