Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Guest Post 09: Emeka Iwenofu

My name is Emeka Iwenofu; I’ve composed three empowering stories called the Miracle Trilogy.  This trilogy tells of the lives of three women from varying generations plagued by their own challenges and adversity before becoming inspired by their personal mentor in order to obtain their miracle and later teaching someone else.

The first story, entitled Francine’s Miracle (which will be OUT this Valentine’s Day 2013) tells of a young Irish girl named Francine who immigrates to the United States with her family from Ireland during the 1920s  at the age of 8. This time in history marks the height of the Prohibition era where there are mob ties, bootlegging, and other illegal activities all over the streets of New York City. After a series of impactful events, Francine and her family, known as the Sullivans,  move away to Virginia where she experiences poverty, a drunk father, a bitter mother, tragedy, physical and verbal abuse from both her parents and other challenges that makes her wish she was never even born. It isn’t until through a twist of fate, that she discovers a woman able and willing to enlighten her on a “secret” that when Francine applies the methods, makes all of her dreams come true, making her the most respected woman in town. Though after receiving her miracle and knowing well how to apply the secret, she is then instructed by her mentor to “pay it forward” or help another subject who’s in “need” to learn these same principles, which draws this story to the next book, called Mandi’s Miracle, where now, Francine becomes Mandi’s mentor, which takes place in the South in Mississippi during the 1960 civil rights era.

The book, Mandi’s Miracle, is not yet out but will be made available later during the year 2013. However, this book talks about a young black girl, named Mandi, age 12, who is stricken with a terminal illness with only 5 months to live according to the doctors.  It isn’t until Francine is informed about this that Mandi’s mother brings her to Francine for healing. Francine instructs step by step the principles Mandi must apply in order to be cured of the disease. When that happens, Mandi, goes off to college, has a family, and later becomes a parole officer in Detroit Michigan during the early 1990s to mentor a troubled and abused client/parolee named JaQuita Jenkins or “Jackie” to begin the 3rd installment, which is out now, called Jackie’s Miracle.

Jackie’s Miracle has already been acclaimed and has received a number of praises from different readers and book reviewers alike. However for all of you readers and non-readers out there, I am allowing anyone to download Jackie’s Miracle absolutely FREE, from March 11 to March 24, 2013 which will be on any ebook notepad or tablet such as Kindle, Nook, IPad, eReader, you name it. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. So don’t miss out. You’ll be SO happy you did.

Francine’s Miracle is truly a great read which will be available at:,,,, and wherever ebooks are sold! Just so you know, how great this book is, here are a few endorsements received from a few reputable people.

“Francine’s Miracle is delightful.  Once again, Emeka Iwenofu creates a character that readers relate to; first in her struggles and then in her ultimate triumph.  The story of Francine’s journey is a powerful tribute to the miracles that happen when one woman learns to harness the power within to manifest the life of her dreams. If you want to be inspired, read this book!”
--Lisa Ryan
Chief Appreciation Strategist, Grategy
Author of The Upside of Down Times: Discovering the Power of Gratitude
Featured expert in “The Keep of the Keys” and “The Gratitude Experiment”

Francine’s Miracle is absolutely fantastic; a definite must read classic! Five complete stars! It is so detailed and paints such a vivid mental picture. All the characters come to life; an absolute must read from start to finish!”
--Mary Eason
Unity Center of the Heights Spiritual Leader and Teacher
Licensed Minister, member of A Course in Miracles and
Out of the Matrix

Thank you all for letting me share my series with you. After reading any of these books, please feel free to review, leave comments, and rate them. Comments and reviews on are also welcomed and appreciated. Lastly, free to ‘like’ the Facebook page at: to stay up to date on series progression.

Good luck to all of you and thank you Toinette Thomas.
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