Thursday, February 14, 2013

Guest Post 11: Anne Sweazy-Kulju

Is it a snap getting a novel traditionally-published these days? No it is not! So one would think, having accomplished this feat, that one’s family would be proud; proud enough to, say, want to read your novel. One would think…

I confess I was surprised, maybe even hurt. But, let’s put my own family aside (they didn’t invent dysfunction, but they may have perfected it). People know books aren’t free, or illegal to own, or an obligation to write a professional review. So then, what is up with our families when it comes to reading all of our hard work? I asked this question of one of my LinkedIn groups. Responses generally fell into the following categories:

1. Family members expect free copies. Period.
2. When you give them a copy, they do not write reviews, as promised; in fact,
3. They do not read the books (but some will tell you they did).
4. They lose your book.
5. If you mention the book, they request a replacement* (free, of course).
6. If you send a replacement copy, they don't bother to thank you.
*One of the funniest (or saddest) author replies I received, relayed how a family member, who had accidentally dropped her (expensive) hardback book into the bathtub, wanted the author to replace it. Personally, I would have called my flying monkeys on (fictional name) Aunt Bessie, but the author who shared the story possesses infinitely more restraint than I.

I digress, no doubt out of jealousy that a member of her family was willing to read her book, but…gad-zooks! The books are not free, people! And getting a novel published is such a feat, that I find family members’ indifference to our accomplishment staggering. In the end, I did not call my flying monkeys on anyone. I did, however, send the little “funny” below to my family, with the following message: “I forgive you. Now, read my dang book!”

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