Saturday, March 30, 2013

Interview 18: Lorrie Struiff

Greetings humans, half-breeds, and everything in between. A while back, I had the pleasure to interview my new friend, Lorrie Struiff. She is visiting the ECS as a guest and sharing loads of interesting insights into her work. Be sure to look around and see what she has to offer. Here are the results of our interview. A good time was truly had by all, and here’s how it went down.

Hi there Lorrie! It’s so awesome to have you here at the ECS Universe. Don’t worry about the darkness, your eyes will adjust.

 So tell me, who is Lorrie Struiff?

Hi all, *waves* I’m Lorrie Unites-Struiff visiting today. I’m both a novel and short story writer. I write across the genre board so you never know what you will get next from me. I live near Pittsburgh, Pa. and spend a lot of time meeting other authors to keep abreast of the ever-changing publishing world.

Well Lorrie, I can already tell that we are going to have a good time today. From one multi-genre writer to another, I can’t wait to see what happens.

So whacha got for me today?

Oooh, I have a fun romantic western, called “A Heap of Trouble.” My book has a twisty plot. We have romance, cattle rustling (what’s a western without cattle rustling?) mystery (who done took the steers?) and humor (the conniving, thief that is a ringtail monkey) all packed into one book. It’s a  great “Shoot ‘em up.

Book tagline:
Sheriff Cole chases Mattie, who steals his heart, Beggar, a monkey who steals the townspeople's jewelry and a gang that steals cattle.

I haven’t read as many westerns as I’ve watched, but this definitely sounds worthy of a literary excursion.

So who’s starring is this 2 dimensional script read of “A Heap of Trouble”?

Well, let’s see. We have the MC, Sheriff Cole Walker, who falls head-over-heels for the new gal in town, Mattie Wells. She sure jingles his spurs. She’s a stubborn woman and doesn’t want to ever get married. Then we have the ringtail monkey, Beggar, who ran away from a traveling show and wants to be Cole’s BFF. Now, don’t tell anyone, but Cole is afraid of all critters. Oh, you’ll like Old Baldy, the cook at the Sundance Saloon who makes mighty tasty chicken and biscuits. You’ll meet a town full of characters both bad and good.

This is quite an ensemble of characters you have here. I can only imagine the calamity that ensues throughout this story and I bet there’s laugher all around. I’m working on being able to add humor into my stories, but for the time being, I’ll leave the laughs to the experts. (You ;) )

 Past, present, future, is there a rhyme or reason to your writing?

I’m a laid-back author who loves my tilt back chair, computer on my lap and a pot of hot tea beside me. I don’t listen to music, it distracts me. I’m currently working on the last of my COD Club series. (Call on the Dead) Five 10k stories about Winnie who got struck by lighting and is now a spook-speaker. Poor woman doesn’t like this talent because now she must grant the dead in the funeral home one last reasonable request before they move on to the next plane. She is a hoot.

First funny westerns and now funny horror ( or maybe just spooky fantasy), you really do write it all…Oh and that hot tea sounds really good.

What author(s) has most influenced your writing? Why or how?

I can’t honestly say what author influenced my writing. I’ve read so many of them. Let’s put it down to all the authors that made writing look so easy. Such talented writers. Lol. I found out it wasn’t as easy as I thought, darn it. I had much to learn before I became published.

I agree with you. Some authors do make writing seem so easy, but there are others whose writing lets you know or feel that much time and effort went into perfecting it.

 Whose brain are you just itching to scratch?

I’d love to pick Nelson DeMille ’s brain. I’d like to learn how he can write tense battle scenes and still throw in something to make me giggle. Now, that’s talent.

A writer who writes with intensity and makes you laugh, why would you want to talk to him? LOL.

I’ve said it before, people are drawn to those of like minds and as a writer, why wouldn’t you want an opportunity to converse with someone who writes the way you do and aspire to…Great answer.

Who is so you and why?

I think Winnie in my COD Club series is so me. Hey, not that I speak to the dead, honest. I do what I call “Winnie-isms.” I don’t think clearly sometimes, so I do some dumb things and end up in odd situations. Thank goodness I can laugh at myself. It helps.

You’re funny. I like you.

I find that I relate to all my characters in one way or another. That’s saying a lot considering I try not to put too much of myself in my writing, but sometime as a writer, that’s just how it is.

What’s your ideal reading spot for your next highly anticipated read?

I’m in the same chair, again with a pot of tea, but without the laptop. Instead, I’d have an E-reader in my hands.

That’s cool that you use an e-reader. I find that most people are either for or against e-readers. I myself will read from anything: e-reader, hardcover, paperback, and even listen to an audio from time to time.

What was your favorite book or story, pre-teen years?

I’ll never forget “A Girl Called Hank.” It made me feel it was okay to be me. I’m afraid I was somewhat of a tomboy and gave my parents a lot of grief over this. Lol. Where I grew up, there were only boys around, no girls to associate with. So, I had to fit in. Baseball gloves, bats, bikes, etc.

I can totally relate to growing up a tomboy and difficult it could be. I’m still a bit of a tomboy now, but I guess times have changed a little and it’s not too bad…Now this is where the questions get a little kooky; are you ready?

Oh Yeah!

Alright then, here we go.

If you could only watch one movie for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Dirty Dancing. It’s a trip down memory lane for me. I was once a ballroom dance teacher and actually asked to go the Catskills. I refused because I loved managing the studio.

I took dance doe about a minute as a child, but I’ve always loved it. That’s a great movie. Good answer.

What makes you geek out?

I always thought nothing would geek me out anymore. But…one evening last December, I watched a PBS special with the Four Tenors. They literally swept me away. Thank goodness, I taped the program so I can watch it again and again. The Four Tenors are appearing in my area in June. I’ll just die if I don’t go to that concert. Most people may have heard of them, I’m sure. That night was the first time I had seen them. I’m in love.

You are the third author that has raved about these Tenors. I admit that I’ve heard them and I like them, but I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet. Still, they are pretty cool. I hope you get to see them in concert.

 So what’s testing your patience right now?

Well, darn it, I’m waiting to get my edits on the third story of the COD club. The first two are in one download to make up the 10K. I’m anxious to get the next one out.

I know how it is with editing; just because the story is done doesn’t mean you’re finished with the work. I hope it all works out.

When the soundtrack of your life is playing in your head, what songs express your glee and what songs bring out your rage?

Rap and some of the words bring out a rage in me. So awful. I have to admit, like my writing, I like most all types of music, which is why I don’t listen to any when I’m writing. I would sit back and listen to the music instead of writing. That would be bad, bad, bad.

I love this answer. It’s so simple and honest. I like all kinds of music too and agree it can be a distraction when writing.

You know one thing that always gets me about Rap and rappers- with all the creative ways they come up with saying negative things you think more of them could slip in some positive from time to time. Every blue moon it seems one positive rap song comes out, but then it gets smothered by all the rest.

What’s the most fun experience you’ve ever had, to date?

Traveling through the U.S.A., visiting almost every state and enjoying the differences in scenery and people. I haven’t done this all at one time. We used to take six-week vacations and just drive. I love scenery.

I too find that some of my best memories have occurred during some sort of travel. I really like traveling and wish I could do more.

 Remind me again how I was lucky enough to meet you?

As sisters in authorville, we met online and had some very interesting discussions.

Authorville- I like that. From sister to sister, I’m glad we connected. Having you here at the Eternal Curse Series has been great and I look forward to my next visit at your Flowers and Thorns blog.

Not that you can see into the future, but in your opinion, what does the future hold?

I honestly can’t imagine. I want to continue writing, garner more fans, and have readers tell me they enjoyed my books.

Ok humans, half-breeds, and everything in between, that’s all for today. Be sure to follow this blog to see who will be visiting next time. For more from Lorrie Struiff, check out these great links: