Thursday, July 25, 2013

Blogdom July 2013

Oh boy, do I have loads to share from my Blogdom!
You may want to bookmark this and come back to it a few times. Good stuff here.
(July, 2013)
-From Zany Zach’s Blog, Evil Dead 2013 Review:
-From Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog, Grammarly (wesite):
-From The Wizard’s Cauldron, Turned to Stone near Featherstone: Louise Gornall :
-From the Paradox Series of Book blog, Storm Rising author, Kenneth Hoss:
-From Creative Writing with the Crimson League, “Writing for You” comes July 31:
-From Cristian Mihai, On Blogging:
- From Creative Writing with the Crimson League, What can sitcoms teach us about character development?
-From Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog, podcast – short stories episode no.28:
-From The Fashion Medley, Right On Midriff:
- From Les Pages aux Folles, About (LOL):
-From Harper Tee, Ten, by Gretchen McNeil ( scary book trailer):
-From Fox Broadcasting, Sleepy Hallow (trailer):
-From Iris Huey, The Bookstore (short film):
-From CommonGoodBook, The Way of the Brilliant Flirt:
- From The Book Club Reading List, Author Blog Tips:
- From Blogging for a Good Book (book promo), Incognegro:

-From Serendipity Reviews, The Love Dare: Day One:
By including links to these articles, reviews, interviews, etc…I am not endorsing the opinions of these bloggers and writers, but am simply sharing the highlights of my blog reading experience.

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