Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sample Sunday 03

Sample Sunday is a weekly posting from my pre-published work in progress Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel. Each week I will post approximately 100 – 150 words from this installment of the series. Please visit the ToiBox to read samples of my other works.
Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel chapter 2

Mira wasn’t the only person to respond to the question, but her response was unlike any other. Her response wasn’t over thought, super profound, or cluttered with large intellectual words. She simply wrote, “I believe that evil can come into the presence of righteousness, but it cannot dwell there for long. I believe that people are both good and bad at different times in their lives and under many different circumstances. I do not believe that people are truly evil, only guided by it; and in the end it is their choice.” Mira felt compassion for the person who’d asked the question. She thought that he or she must have really been going through a serious personal crisis to ask such a question to anyone willing to respond.
Word Count: 128

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