Saturday, October 5, 2013

ToiBox Blog Week Recap: 10/05/13

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 I started out the week with Sample Sunday 14- Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel chapter 4

Next I opened up Mira’s Closet: 9/30/13

After that, Nina Soden stopped by to share her book, Awaken

Then I participated in the “Souls Around the World” blog hop (still going on until 10/31). Please view my message at the bottom of that post for a content advisory about the hop.

I added to my character files a biography of Paul.

Then I reviewed “A Brave New World” to which some felt I was lacking; see comments. Can’t please everyone :/

And finally, I shared A Day In My Life: Sept. ‘13 (well really, two minor events) 

I hope you've enjoyed yourself this week and enjoy a very pleasant weekend.

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