Monday, October 14, 2013

Top 5: 04 Action Heroes

This is a list of my top five something. Most of the time my lists are pretty static, but sometimes I do change my mind. While I do try to apply some logic to my choices, sometimes I pick things that make no sense and for no good reason other than “I like it.” 

Watch your language ;)
Fictional Action/Adventure Heroes
1. John McClane
2. Indiana Jones
3. James Bond
4. Ender Wiggin
5. Captain Nemo
-Honorable Mention- John Spartan 

This list is a combination of characters from books, movies, and movies based on books (I think I’ve just covered all the movies). I like action. As much as I adore my comic book and superheroes, sometimes it’s cool to see or envision just a man, woman, or kid kick butt.

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