Monday, November 4, 2013

My Geekdom 05: Garfield

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I truly believe that there are some people who are put on the planet to make the rest of us feel good about ourselves. In the world of cartoons and comic strips, Garfield is “the one.” No one can be as lazy, sneaky, and indifferent as Garfield and still be as lovable. As self-centered as he can be, Garfield has redeeming moments and qualities. He’s not a mean or hateful cat; that would require too much effort. Though he’s not swarming with friends and invitations, he loves the ones he’s close to and they love him.

The truth is, I relate to Garfield. It’s hard to explain, but that cat gets in my head. When I write sometimes, I try to think what Garfield would do and do the opposite. When push comes to shove, Garfield would never sit idly by if his friends truly needed him, but if a plate of lasagna was in his way, it might take him a while to come to the rescue.

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