Monday, December 2, 2013

My Geekdom 06: Darth Vadar

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Even villains were kids once, though most people, by now, know that Darth Vadar was born Anakin Skywalker. I like this image because, aside from being cute, there’s a sense of hope in it. Obviously, something went wrong along the way, but there’s always a story, told or untold, that explains it all.

Anyone could be a villain; people don’t set out to be bad or do bad things, but circumstance can sometimes change faster that we are able to process and deal with them. In the Eternal Curse Series, there is always a reason why someone is either good or bad, but sometimes it is not so clear as to whether someone is good or bad. Sometimes, heroes are seen as villains and villains are seen as heroes, at least in all the really good stories, the truth eventually comes out and all is explained, even if it’s not all better. I cling to this idea as I continue to write my EC series…it truly doesn’t take a genius to see where and how I’ve been influenced by this story and others, if you just read between the lines of my book.

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