Wednesday, June 4, 2014


These are previous posts that have been dusted off, updated, and freshly presented to an audience that’s never seen them. These limited posts originate from the companion blogs I’ve written for the first two installments of the Eternal Curse Series (40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse & EC: Battleground a Survival Guide).
Just like heroes, villains can come in many different forms. Most of the time, it is the villain that seems to have the greatest strength and power over the victims, until a moment comes when they are put to the ultimate test. When evil is tested against righteous or goodness, it always loses…at least that how it is in the really good stories.

Fear, that’s right fear, is the main villain of this story. The power that fear has over the human psyche is more than enough to make you want to sleep with a night light on. Fear makes you worry about small things, it makes you hear sounds in the middle of the night, and it keeps you from doing things that you need or want to do.

I think fear is so scary, because it’s the one thing that you can’t see or feel, that everyone can relate to. People can argue about faith, religion, science, and so much more, but fear cannot be denied. No human being is without fear.

The other villain that makes an appearance in this story is Marcos. Marcos is introduced in this first book, and right away, his infamy is unquestionable, and he only gets more gruesome as the series continues. We find that Marcos, much to the glory of his master Satan (who does not make an appearance in this story) is a mastermind of treachery and cunning. Marcos has a way of not just hurting his victims, but torturing them and anyone close to them, and he does it all just for the sheer enjoyment.

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