Sunday, September 30, 2012

6 Sentence Sunday 03

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Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel -6 sentences from chapter 2.

Giovanni further explained to Mira that he had an unusual skin condition that made him sensitive, almost allergic, to direct sunlight. He explained that ever since he was born his skin had been a dull grayish color, not quite lacking in pigment but something more unique. Giovanni explained that it wasn’t a gray color like that of pale or pasty skin; it was more of a gray like the color of ash after a fire.

He explained that he could go outside with the proper sun protection, just never at midday when the sun is the brightest. He then went on to explain that he hardly ever went out in public around other people. He told her how, throughout his childhood and even as an adult, the scrutiny he would receive from passersby was too much for him to bear.

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