Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday's R 4 Sharing 02

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The Coming of Fall

The students are back to school, movie going will slow down until the holiday releases, and football is everywhere I look. Next is the time of year when adults act like children and children get to experience or, at least, play at the notion of being innocent and care-free; the Halloween season.

Some people love Halloween and some people hate it. I don’t have any strong feelings about it. Growing up, I didn’t really celebrate Halloween in the traditional sense. I was involved in the social activities of the time, but I never took any of it too seriously. I was never one to jump with excitement at the idea of being scared, on purpose, but I can understand why some people enjoy the thrill of it.

Then there’s the age old debate, for the small portion of the community who actually look beyond the surface of things, that argue whether Halloween is an evil holiday or not. Religious groups have argued this for years. Some groups praise Halloween as a pagan holiday meant for carnality while others have condemned it for the same reason; and all while the debates go on, little children are dressing up like their favorite super heroes, princesses, ghosts, and vampires in an attempt to live out a temporary childhood fantasy and eat a little candy.

Ghosts and goblins aside, there is so much more to Fall. There are the changes in the weather and temperatures and the visual changes of the landscape. Where I live, the world becomes a canvas of colors. Little creatures that have gone unnoticed for so long can be spotted scurrying about to prepare for winter. This is actually my favorite season for spending time outside. It’s getting cooler and people are too busy watching football to crowd too many spaces.

Fall is a season of setting in. After the frenzy of starting back to school and getting into the grove of things, there is a time when nothing major is happening and changing. For just a little while, you get to coast. This is true even for people not dealing with the back to school issue. When I worked in Corporate America, this was the end of the fiscal year. After all the reports and files were brought up to date, old accounts were closed, and new ones opened, everything coasted along until tax season in the spring.

The fact that my birthday occurs during the Fall season, may or may not explain why I prefer this season over the others. As I get older, my birthdays aren’t as monumental to me. It’s great to have been around for another year, but trying to up with new and exciting ways to celebrate that is overrated. This year I think I’d just like to stay home and read a good book or maybe catch a movie.

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