Thursday, September 27, 2012

Author Insight 04

Womp, womp, no Blurb 4 the People today. I have lots of networking to do and friends to make before it seems, I’ll be able to get that up and running well. No worries though, I’m prepared to share an insight that I didn’t share yesterday. ..And no I wasn’t being lazy, just busy.

I think by now every knows there is a cost for pretty much anything you want in life, but what some fail to understand is that it doesn’t always cost you  money. Some things cost you your time, your space, your creativity, and even your influence and reputation. This is something I’ve really had to think about in my attempts to network and meet new people. Connecting with diverse people on a personal level is great. I like variety and being open to new things, but there are drawbacks to this.

As with any type of entertainment, except for maybe the popular music industry, crossing genres and categories can be tricky. In the literary world I’ve found that once people have found their niche or their favorites, they are not stepping away from it and don’t want to hear about anything else. This is not a bad thing, but it can be an issue when you’re trying to promote a book of one genre and people learn that you’re currently reading a book from a completely different genre. Also, some genres just don’t mix and people can’t seem to reconcile the fact that if you don’t like a genre that they love, you could possibly have anything to offer them.

Well, I have come to know conclusions at this point, but I’m still trucking along and moving forward. I’ll continue my efforts to network and meet new people, but will be cautious about my connections. No need to put myself or anyone else in an awkward situation, especially when it comes to reading. Reading should always be fun and enjoyable.