Friday, September 28, 2012

Review: If I Should Die...

If I Should Die Before I Wake- An Anthology- My Home Away From Home Group

Somoza, Melissa; Boskey, Jana; Hiester, Brittany ; Wirries, Jennivie; Richards, Nadege ; Parry, Rhian ; O'Donnell, Ashley; Jonathan Godown, Cody; Worrell, Christina .

I give this collection a 4.

Writing a description  for an anthology is difficult and since I’m not going to describe each individual story, I’ll be brief and precise. This is a collection of eerie stories. “Things that go bump in the night” maybe a title associated with this collection, but I’m not sure. I do know that it looks scarier than it actually is, but it’s still pretty creepy.

 My overall experience of the stories was good. They were very creative. A few formatting issues made one story hard to read, but if you really want to read something, you will. The stories that stood out the most to me were the title feature “If I Should Die Before I Wake,” “Brush With Something Otherworldly,” “The Winter Storms Have Come and Gone,” and “The Tornadoes are Beautiful.” I think the best thing about this and other collections is the variety. I think there really is something here for everyone. I purchased this collection originally because it was for a good cause, which is why I took my time reading it. I wasn’t in a hurry, but now I wish I had been. There is some really good stuff here.