Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Featured Guest 1/01

What I Love/Hate About Social Media: MySpace

My first declaration will be that I am a social media nut. Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram, You Tube, you name it. With our society having access to just about anything with a single swipe of your cellphone you are always connected to those who important to you. Moreover you have the ability to meet and connect with people that was never before possible… and all of this fascinates me. There are many studies about the problems with social media and how it is destroying the fabric of society, and blah, blah… but I’m not here to discuss that today. These arguments have merit, but I believe in “everything in moderation”. Instead I want to talk about the one major social media outlet that I omitted in my intro. MySpace.

Who uses my space anymore? MySpace is dead isn’t it? MySpace is bloated with annoying ads, a dysfunctional user interface, and it’s users have left in droves. Facebook killed it. Wasn’t MySpace the first mainstream social media giant to connect millions upon millions of people around the world? VH1 should make a mini documentary, “When MySpace ruled the World”. I can’t tell you the last time I logged in to MySpace, but writing this post has me interested in going back to see what it looks like. Oh just finished checking – I couldn’t remember my login.

Well why exactly am I talking about MySpace? Remember when Justin Timberlake bought the company just last year for about 35 Million dollars? You probably thought to yourself that was a waste of money. Or some thought I hope he knows what he’s doing. Or some didn’t care… ? Many of you who are social media nuts like me already know about the latest announcement from MySpace. MySpace released an official relaunch video that demos the newest features and interface of MySpace and it is dazzling! 

Mr. Timberlake has effectively resurrected what was at one time the King of Social Media. The timing probably couldn’t be better either. With all the talk about Facebook faltering this may be the opportunity that MySpace has been waiting on to remerge and take it’s place as the social media elite. So what does it look like? What is it going to be? Well I have included a link to you can click to take you there to discover for yourself. You can also sign up for email correspondence for when MySpace officially launches. http://vimeo.com/50071857

Well fans, friends, humans, and half-breeds, I hope you enjoyed that. Today you got to hear from the illustrator of my book and one of my favorite tech guys. He’s a lot of fun and knows his stuff. He works in a highly technological field and he’s a bit of a geek just like me. We shall be seeing more from Eric as he has just jumped on board be a regular featured guest here at the Eternal Curse Series Universe. See you all next time.