Saturday, November 3, 2012

Author Insight 13

This is an update.
Currently I am awaiting responses from beta readers of Eternal Curse: Battle ground, the sequel to EC: Giovanni’s Angel before moving forward with editing and publication. I am also halfway through another unrelated work of fiction and have just finished and outline for an adventure story I’m working on.

As always, I’ve been busy reaching out into the world of social networking to dig up new friends and content to share. I am putting together a few guest posts and well as some more interviews. I am also getting caught up on my review writing and am hosting a REVIEW CHALLENGE, to which I hope you are looking into and spreading the word about. I have even been graced with hosting my first ever blog tour stop. The week of 11/14 I, as well as the followers of the ECS, will have a chance to learn about author P. Stiles and her book The Mighty Quinn. I’m sure I’m leaving something out, but I guess that’s enough for now.