Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reviews are a writer’s gift and a gift to all writers.

Toi Thomas Review Challenge:
Hosted by the Eternal Curse Series Blog
The next Review Challenge is scheduled to take place in the Fall/Winter season of 2013.(

All links will be accumulated, and on to be announced, I will post a poll with the names of all participating reviewers. I encourage reviewers to invite friends and family to vote for them as the best reviewer. (Voters will be allowed to vote for more than one reviewer).

Voting will take place from to be announced. The top three voted reviewers will be awarded the following prizes.

*Prizes to be announced.

Follow this blog to receive updates of when new reviews are posted to the Review Challenge. Review links will be posted and accumulated under the tab “Challenge.”

*Please, only post reviews of material published by Indie Authors or small presses.

*Please, only post honest and fair reviews of material that is not categorized as erotica or hate speech.

*There are no limits to the number or types of reviews to be entered, outside of the limitation listed above. However, all entry reviews must have an original post date between to be announced.

*Reviews will not be filtered or censored in anyway other than to weed out entries for works of erotica or hate speech.

*I, Toi Thomas, am the host of this event and will not be participating in the contest, either by entering my own reviews or by voting on reviews. I have no say in the selection of winners.

*Reviewers are in NO way required to review my book, but may do so if they choose. No award will be given for the reviews of my book specifically or any other book. Voters will be voting for reviewers based upon the reviewers’ writing, analyzing, and critiquing skills.

How to write a review
See Part1: steps 1&2, Part2: steps 3&4, Part3: Step 5, Part4: Posting.