Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Guest Post 02: Bridget Straub

 Need a good reason to read a book? I doubt it, but here’s a reason to check out the works of Bridget Straub, my lovely guest this week here at the ECS.

I have published three novels and have another one or two in the wings, and I’m seeing a definite pattern among my main characters. Although each of them are in very different circumstances, they are all women looking to improve their lives and to find some balance in a world that can be more than a little chaotic. In my first book, “Searching for My Wand”, Glenda has been named (incorrectly, I might add) after the good witch in the Wizard of Oz. She wants to live up to the fantasy that that image, presents and yet she’s constantly battling her demons and temptations.

In my second novel, “On a Hot August Afternoon”, Stacy is living every girl’s fantasy. She’s married to Pete, a successful rock star who swears he has eyes only for her, and their life together is perfect. They have two adorable little girls and a beautiful new house in an exclusive neighborhood, plus an extended family with whom they are very close. When pictures arrive in the mail on the day before Stacy and the girls are to be reunited with Pete at the family compound in Lake Tahoe, Stacy’s whole world is brought into question.

In my third and most recent novel, “The Salacious Marny Ottwiler”, Marny is searching for balance harder than anyone. She is a novelist whose next book is overdue and whose life in the fast lane has taken a toll. For example, she’s accidentally deleted the eight chapters she had for this book and can’t even remember what it was about in the first place. Her marriage is in the toilet, and her family all think they know what’s best for her, and aren’t shy about letting her know.

All three of these characters are on a journey, and the thing that makes each of them someone you would want to know is their determination to get to the other side. They all have the ability to find humor and/or compassion even in the darkest of times, and because of that, you are rooting for them. They never give up, or cry “why me?”. They look at their circumstances and know that they will not be defined by them. They know there is a light at the end of the tunnel and they move towards it.

I love all three of these characters, flaws and all. Sure, they do things and sometimes make decisions that I certainly would not, and yet they are strong and honest and doing the best that they can. I like their spirit and ability to get up again and again, no matter what life throws at them.

Here here, Bridget! Thanks for these words of motivation. My character, Mira, is also very determined, but I don’t know if she’s much good for finding humor in tough situations. I’m glad all this motivation was inspired by your three novels because, now, all me and my followers need to do is get our hands on these delightful stories.