Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Guest Post 03: Jimi Akanbi

I enjoy meeting new people and experiencing new things good and bad. I feel that experiences are what life is all about. I’m a firm advocate of the idea that it’s better to believe in something than in nothing, but in this day and age even that can be argued by those who so choose. Today my guest, Jimi Akanbi, will be sharing his book and the experience of unleashing God’s power.

First of all, let me say that all who have read this book have had great things to say about it, namely; I like it a lot, very inspirational, I learned a lot from it, it is an anointed book, I was really impressed by your book, it makes a whole lot of sense, it is truthful and powerful, it blessed my life, and more.

I have written a powerful book that will inspire all Christians to be full of the power of God. The content of the book are just not mere words, they were written by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. The book discusses eleven key steps to understanding the power of God, including; how to understand and strengthen your faith in God, understanding the roles the Holy Spirit plays in your life, continually refilling God’s power in you, distinguishes between faith and confidence, praying with authority, intake of anointed information forms the foundation for spoken words, reasons to renew your mind, how to constantly hear from God, understanding God’s power, how to interact with the Holy Spirit, and benefits of continuous praise.

Unleashing God’s power includes life transforming revelations from above that are not found in any other book. I give you an understanding of how things and living beings in the physical are connected or tied to things and beings in the Spiritual. Deep truths are revealed that will help you increase your faith and prosper in your Christian life. The book is written for both baby and mature Christians, remember whether you are full of faith and power of God or just struggling in these areas, there is always room for growth. Note, there is no maximum cap to the measure of faith and power that any man or woman can have in God.

I have highlighted some of God’s general armies (great bible characters) and discuss how they prospered because they were full of faith and God’s power. Reasons a lot of Christians do not operate in high power of God are discussed, and how these can be alleviated. I discuss how God wants us to prosper in life, otherwise, He would not have given us His word, which says; “And you shall remember the Lord your God, for it is He who gives you power to get wealth; that He may establish His covenant which He swore to your fathers, as it is this day.”

I have heard some of the people who read the book; Unleashing God’s Power: Maximize This Great Benefit of Christianity in Your Life, say that “I read your book and could not put it away until I read the entire book,” “I read about half the book, went to take care of my business, and was so captivated that I had to come back to read the rest of it.”

You can sample the book on or and then pick up a copy. I can guarantee that the application of your discovery will transform and prosper your life.