Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Stone's Ghost by Melissa Bowersock

-Book Title: Stone’s Ghost
Image provided by author
-Author Name: Melissa Bowersock
-Publisher: New Moon Publishing
-Reading Level: Adult
-Genre: Fiction, paranormal, ghost
-Content Rating: Mature Adult
-Available Formats: Paperback, e-book
-Number of Pages: 224
-Purchase Links: AmazonPaperback | Kindle

Book blurb provided by author

Matthew Stone doesn't believe in ghosts … until he meets one. He owns a successful business in Lake Havasu, Arizona, home to the famed London Bridge that was brought over stone by stone and rebuilt over the Colorado River. He has a gorgeous girlfriend, a doting mother, and more money than he needs, but no time for stories about the ghosts who were transplanted from England with the famed bridge. When a chance encounter with a female ghost leads to unexpected friendship, Matt and the ghost are forced to rely on each other as they confront the pasts that haunt them.


This is that rare ghost story that avoids all the pratfalls and clichés of the usual spectral and paranormal tale. Melissa Bowersock has intertwined two stories seamlessly - one a modern tale of a man taking responsibility for himself amid the shades of his own past, and the other the story of a young woman from a bygone era looking for release and redemption. You will keep turning the pages on this finely-crafted tale! —Rich Meyer, author


The small hairs on the back of his neck stood up, as if light fingers hovered just above them. Instantly alert, he forced himself to stand still even though he would have liked to jerk upright and look about the bridge. Controlling even his quick, shallow breathing, he kept his head still but focused on the periphery of his sight. He felt more than saw it, but thought there was something standing to his right. Something dark. Slowly, slowly, he turned his head.

That shape. Smaller, shorter than the woman who had just passed, this person was almost petite, or at least he thought she would be under the heavy black clothes. She stood—floated—just scant feet away, hovering near the balustrade with a tension that suggested to Matt she would vanish at the slightest move. At the same moment that he realized he could actually see the bridge behind her—see through her—he also noticed the almost wild light in her eyes. Eyes that were looking directly at him.


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