Saturday, September 28, 2013

ToiBox Blog Weekly Recap: 9/28/13

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I started out the week with Sample Sunday 13- It’s Like the Full Moon, chapter 2.2

Next I offered my Author Insights on a non-book related issue: I don’t feel Saf3.

After that, Stefan Vucak stopped by to share “How to Avoid the Slush Pile”.

I shared my third Listogrphy post: Cities I’ve Lived In.

I added to my character files as biography of Teddy.

Then I posted my long awaited Blogdom post to share what I’ve been reading.

I counted my blessings and discussed creativity.

Then one of my favorite guests, Darlene Jones, returned to talk about “Near Death Experiences and Writing”…

And today, I’m guesting over at “Is History the Agreed Upon Lie?” blog, putting my geekiness aside for just a little while…and I’ll be there all week.

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