Monday, October 7, 2013

Author Spotlight 1: Brita Skinner 1.0

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Author completes new Christian thriller, despite having a rare muscular disease.
Brita Skinner finished the Young Adult fiction novel entitled DayBreaker, which is part of the Nightlife series. Though the book is aimed at Young Adult’s it can also be an exceptionally read for the general market.
The main character is Sambi Prince a senior who finds out she is not all human and has a mission to fulfill. Her life will never be the same again.
Skinner who residences in Canada states, “There were times when writing became difficult because of the awful pains I experience, this has not been an easy process I was diagnose with this chronic pain in 2007, which is actually a disease of the nerves system, the nerves that control my pain receptors but also affects my muscles.” She continues to say, “However this hasn't deterred me from pursing my dream as a writer, I love to write and am determined to make it into the publishing world. My advice is despite your circumstances hold on to your dreams and run for it.”
Though her agent is diligently looking for a publisher DayBreaker has already received great response from the public. “I thank all those people who have supported me, which includes my fan base. This makes me want to write and interact with you more and more.”

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