Monday, October 7, 2013

My Geekdom 04: Marvel Comic Books

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The Marvel Universe is more of my style of fantasy (even though I LOVE D.C.), but it’s also scary enough that sometimes, it’s too much for me. Marvel blends fantasy and reality. These superheroes interact with real people and visit real places as well as take on fictional people and places. I do, somewhere in the back of my little geek mind, sometimes worry about will happen when Apocalypse comes to claim the earth, but I know that the mutants, the radioactively altered, the genius minds, and other world gods are just waiting to come to our rescue.

Heroes with flaws seemed silly in the heyday of comic books, but now perfect super heroes just can’t be taken seriously. Marvel was the first company to really embrace this idea and increased their popularity with it. Other companies, including D.C., have also embraced the flawed hero idea, and the world of comic books and storytelling is all the better for it.

In Eternal Curse all my characters good, bad, male, female, super, or not have flaws. In in some cases the flaws are actually a blessing, but I don’t have time to get into that now. In any case, flaws add a human factor to story-telling that makes the impossible seem believable.

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