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Author Spotlight 1: Brita Skinner 1.3

DayBreaker Review

By Vanessa Grosett: Authors Care Agency,LLC

The main character is eighteen year old Sambi Prince and takes place in Toronto Canada. Sambi has a brother named Sam. They both don’t have a great start in life, as they relocate constantly and don’t have a good relationship with their mother.

Sambi meets also eighteen year Matthew Greenwood in her Chemistry class, and there is certainly chemistry between them as they take an instant liking to each other. Matthew however is not all what he seems, he comes from a supernatural world that Sambi is also part of though she does not find out until later on in the book.

An unfortunate incident makes Sambi leave her household, her brother goes missing and after a heated argument with her mother Sambi decides to look for him, with Matthew, during their travels Matthew decides to tell her who she is, part Nephilim.

It seems like humans are not the only one in this world as well as the Nephilim there are the Nightlife who are demons. There are three clans in this book, DayBreakers are Nephilim which means they are fallen angel they want to exist peacefully among humans, the Dark Angels are too Nephilim however they have sided with the Nightlife by interbreeding with humans, the more children their make the more their DNA will remain. Making this supernatural world that they can rule over, and eventually humans will be extinct.

This book contains action and adventure. The reader can really relate to Sambi, her confusion, pain and be a part of the world she lives in. This book is not afraid to step into the unknown, and doesn’t shy away from topics that some publishers think people might be uncomfortable with. When in fact there is a great interest in the supernatural world and this book brings this to readers.

It is such an enjoyable unique book. The writer has thoroughly research this topic. A must read.

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