Saturday, October 26, 2013

ToiBox Blog Weekly Recap: 10/26/13

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I started out the week with Sample Sunday 17- Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel; chapter 4.1
On Monday I wished a Happy Birthday to myself.
I posted my Listography of Spaces I lived in.
Then Paula Hrbacek stopped by to share her review of Marketing Your Book on a Budget.
On Tuesday, I added to my character files the results of Bletsian’s Rorschach Test.
On Wednesday, I posted my monthly Blogdom post, with so much to share.
On Thursday, I posted a comical Count Your Blessings with a very subtle hidden message…
And yesterday, I posted my first ever Friday Forecast.
Later today, I’ll be posting my first article in my new series, Adventures in Blogging. In case you didn’t know, I’ll be posting my first full length ToiBox exclusive interview, on Friday November 1, with author and editor, Rob Bignell.

I hope you’ve enjoyed yourself this week and enjoy a very pleasant weekend.

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