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Eternal Curse Release Week! Monday Book Review 2014

Interesting and original, January 12, 2014 (visit and or rate this review here)
By Jaq D Hawkins
The preface to this book was enough to show me that this writer can write. While I don’t often read Romance, I make the occasional exception in any genre when I come across better quality writing.
The sequence in the first chapter that eloquently expresses the changes in the experience of air travel over the last decade or so impressed me and struck a congruence with my own encounters with what was once an embarkation on an adventure and has become more like being processed for a stretch in a prison camp. I stopped flying years ago and couldn’t have expressed the reasons better than the words in this chapter. The reader also gets a lot of back story about the character, Mira, in this chapter, but it soon becomes apparent why the information is necessary to put the events of the story into context. The fact that she is a doctor quickly becomes significant, along with other key points of her background.
This is not your run-of-the-mill Romance. I hedge on using the word ‘paranormal’ as definitions seem to vary from one reader to another, but Giovanni has, shall we say, special attributes that are fascinating for the reader to discover along the way. No telling here, but plenty of showing as the layers of this character are slowly revealed. There is far more about the discovery of Giovanni’s nature in the plot than the usual fare that one gets in Romance novels. The romantic angle is almost an aside for some time, though it becomes more important towards the end.
The writing continues to be of a good standard throughout the book, although there are a few places where I felt the points were belaboured just a little too much. Still, it kept my interest and I found myself wanting to get the full picture of exactly what was different about Giovanni. We’re not talking a few extra muscles here.
All becomes clear as we near the end. Giovanni’s background is told in a story within a story that fits into events as they happen. The inevitable romance between him and Mira develops slowly, in many ways very innocently, almost like a Cinderella story, only instead of a prince she loves… well, the reader needs to discover that for themselves.
While the writing style is wordy, it is also meticulously correct and well-edited. Even after the climactic events near the end, I wanted to continue to see how it all finished. I found that the story wrapped up nicely and left the perfect opening for the predicted sequel, while still remaining a stand-alone story.
As much as Romance isn’t my favoured genre, I find myself interested enough to want to read the next book. Toi Thomas may well raise the bar in the Romance genre.
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