Sunday, February 9, 2014

Eternal Curse Release Week! Sunday Sample 2014

CoverEternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel, Preface
Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel Copyright © 2013 Toinette Thomas
Have you ever looked into the mirror and asked yourself with all honesty, “Who’s that looking back at me?” You see the person looking at you and think: I don’t know that person. That’s not me. I’m lost somewhere, waiting to be found. Well, that’s what life was like for him all the time. To him, the world was a daunting maze of mystery from which he’d spent most of his life trying to escape, since understanding it seemed far less possible. The world and all the people in it weren’t the only mysteries that plagued his mind; he was also emotionally confused. That is, he was confused by many basic human emotions.
Unlike other people, the words heat and passion never really meant much to him. He never knew that their many meanings could affect him so profoundly. There was once a time when he assumed heat was simply the temperature of something being high. He’d known of ordinary people becoming mentally and physically consumed with the pursuit of something. He equated that with passion, although he wasn’t personally familiar with the word.
He longed, if that were even possible, to feel passion for anything other than just the relief from his torment. He wanted so much to be like normal people living their lives from day to day, but for him a day turned into a month, and a month into a decade, and a decade into a millennium. Insanity would have been a kind relief from facing this terrifying reality, but alas, he remained forever completely aware, conscious, and competent of his own cursed existence.
He could never have imagined in all of his, seemingly everlasting, life that he could ever truly become free and certainly not happy, until there was Mira. The one, the only person to show him the possibility of another life in a hopeful world, was Mira. She was the one to introduce him to multiple meanings of heat and passion.
His name is Giovanni. His long and complex tale is just a small part of something that is so much greater, something so magnificent that man can never truly understand it. History has been written, but it has not always been right or complete, and no mere man on this earth can understand this the way that Giovanni can. There really are no words in any language to fully describe where history has gone wrong or fallen short, but if I tell you Giovanni’s story, maybe you’ll begin to understand.
tatelogoThis book is published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, LLC.
Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel releases worldwide on February 18th,
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