Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Other Supporting Characters

These are previous posts that have been dusted off, updated, and freshly presented to an audience that’s never seen them. These limited posts originate from the companion blogs I’ve written for the first two installments of the Eternal Curse Series (40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse & EC: Battleground a Survival Guide).
This story has several other characters that are mentioned, and or described, to help develop the background of the main characters and the overall plot of the story. The characters listed below are the most important and interesting of them all.

Leo- His sole purpose is to make their lives easier and keeping them from having to deal with other people. He’s a gofer and a go-between for Abraham. He brings him things they need and takes care of their mail and security.

Sarah- Sarah is the late wife of Abraham. She doesn’t do a whole lot in the story, but she is mentioned and talked about several times. She’s the anti-Yoko. She never comes between Abraham and Giovanni’s friendship, but considers it just a part of the life they lived together.  (If you’re a Yoko fan, relax, it’s just an analogy.)

Seth- Seth is a fallen angel who becomes human. He is an ancestor to Giovanni. He’s  an important part of Giovanni’s dream struggle.

Marcos- Marcos is a fallen angel who becomes a demon. He is also an ancestor to Giovanni and a dominant part of Giovanni’s dream struggle.

Bletsian- Bletsian is the ultimate hero of the story once the action really begins to get thick, but he doesn’t truly shine until the next book. Throughout the current story, Bletsian is mainly an ideal that’s hidden away, just waiting for the moment when he needs to shine above and beyond what Giovanni is capable of.
While these characters don’t take up a lot of the action in this story, many of them will find themselves more involved in other aspects of the series, overall.

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