Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sample Sunday 38

Sample Sunday is a weekly posting from my pre-published work in progress Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel. Each week I will post approximately 100 – 150 words from this installment of the series. Please visit the ToiBox to read samples of my other works.
Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel chapter 9

It had been almost three weeks since Giovanni had actually tried to sleep, and it was three days since Mira had returned home. Though Giovanni was tired, he was more afraid to sleep. He wanted to close his eyes and think of Mira, but he knew that wasn’t very likely. His dreams were never very happy or sweet. Giovanni assumed that it was just another part of his cursed existence. With Mira gone from his sight, Giovanni felt haunted. In every room of the house, he could still smell the lingering aroma of her scent. His only escape was behind the locked door of his secret room, but that escape was little comfort to him at the time.
Word Count: 118

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