Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sample Sunday 42

Sample Sunday is a weekly posting from my pre-published work in progress Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel. Each week I will post approximately 100 – 150 words from this installment of the series. Please visit the ToiBox to read samples of my other works.
Eternal Curse: Giovanni’s Angel chapter 10

“Why am I here?” he thought to himself. Just then, he looked down and saw her … She was flagging down a taxi heading uptown. It was Mira. She looked very smart in her black three-quarter inch sleeved dress and pumps. Her hair was pulled back into a small bun and her glasses were hanging from one stem, over her subtle cleavage. She carried a thin sleek briefcase, with a linen lab coat draped over it, and a tall paper coffee cup. When the taxi door opened, she tossed in her briefcase and coat, put on her glasses as she sipped from her cup, and lowered herself into the seat gracefully, closing the door behind her.

Giovanni’s heart began to pound and jump up against his chest as though it were trying to get out. He was almost dizzy from the sight of her. He couldn’t believe it.

Word Count: 148

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