Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Review: Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

I give this book a 5.

This is a really good book that still has me a little confused a month after listening to the audio presentation of it. I can’t image how Hollywood was able to pull this story off, but maybe one day I’ll bring myself to the point of watching the movie.

I’m not going to make any attempts to sound super profound here: I like this book because it was magical in a completely magic-free way. Themes that come to mind in this story of stories are: reincarnation, propaganda, racism, the power of knowledge and or education, and so much more…and of course there is a sense of love, but not really romance.  There is sex, violence, music, art, philosophy, and more all cosmically mingling from one story to another in this odd anthology.

I’ve probably already confused a few people, but that’s ok because I’m still a little confused myself. I mean, I get it. I understand what I heard and how it all works together, but just don’t know if I get the meaning of it all. What I do get is a warning about the human condition and the many great and scary things we are capable of. When advancements in technology, communication, and politics come together it’s powerful, but that’s only one part of it. Time and change is a variable humanity has no control over and it seems to be the ultimate mastermind of fate.

I seriously do not have the words to describe exactly what it is about this story I loved, I just know I was intrigued and compelled to complete it from the very start. I’m a lover a well told stories and this book tells amazing stories and a very creative way. This book makes you think about things you never knew you neglected, at least I did. I can clearly see that this book would be too intense for a great majority of my friends, which is why most of them have seen the movie, and based on their responses to that, it’s a good thing they stayed away from the book.

In any case, I think this is a great adult read. Something to get your mind going to places you never thought to go. The pace fluctuates, the themes and stories can be confusing, but reaching the end is totally worth it.

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