Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Main Supporting Character

These are previous posts that have been dusted off, updated, and freshly presented to an audience that’s never seen them. These limited posts originate from the companion blogs I’ve written for the first two installments of the Eternal Curse Series (40 Days and Nights of Eternal Curse & EC: Battleground a Survival Guide).
Serving as the source of wisdom and understanding, Abraham is the paternal glue that holds together the unconventional family that the characters of my book eventually grow into. While not as magical or powerful as an oracle, but just as important to helping a hero find his way, Abraham guides the main characters of the story to their ultimate fates.

When Abraham is first introduced into the story, the reader sees him as a wheelchair bound elderly man with white hair around his baling head. He’s a very lovable character who seems to be the most normal and well-adjusted of them all, even though he has every reason not to be.

Throughout the story, you learn of the many obstacles and struggles Abraham has overcome to finally reach a place of peace, before coming to terms with his inevitable death. Don’t worry, I’m not giving too much away…I mean seriously. Did you stop watching Episode IV after Obi-Wan died? No, I don’t think so. It was probably the best out the entire Star War Series, and the wise old man comes in late and dies before it ends…It was awesome.

Abraham is a true father figure to Giovanni and Mira and the reader. He’s a constant source of financial provision, he enjoys cooking and always offers up the best comfort food, and he’s always available and quick with words of wisdom. While Mira helps Giovanni come to terms with the non-human aspects of his identity, it is Abraham, who teaches him to embrace whatever amount of humanity he has within him.

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