Monday, April 28, 2014

My Geekdom 11: Batman

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Here is some more cool conceptual art. If there is still someone out there who didn’t know I like Batman, well, now you know. He’s my favorite comic book hero. The only other hero I’m liking as much as him right now is, Giovanni, from my Eternal Curse Series, but that of course is a little biased.

Batman is my favorite comic book hero whether he’s the caped crusader, part of the dynamic duo, the world’s greatest detective, or the dark knight. He’s my favorite for three basic reasons.

1. He’s super smart and observant.

2. He’s not afraid to admit it when he doesn’t know something; that’s why he spends so much time researching and training, so he can know as much as possible. If anything, he’s a role model for doing your homework and not wasting a good mind. (We’ll just overlook his policy on following the rules.)

3. He has no super powers, but is the first to be called when the super heroes need help.

Don’t get me wrong, I know billions of dollars have helped Batman’s cause, but that’s one more reason why I like him as a person (real or fake good qualities count). Bruce Wayne, or whatever Batman is popular at the time, is who he is because of tragedy. Batman could easily have chosen to become a villain, but he chose to be good (or at least fright crime). Speaking specifically of Bruce Wayne, despite his playboy persona, he’s a hero because, even with all his money, he knows he could never be happy knowing that there is evil unchecked in this world as he sat around and did nothing. 

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