Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Eternal Cause is a Go!

Even though I’m going it alone, I’ve decided to stick to my plan to do my part to support a cause that matters to me. On June 16th, I will share Abraham’s story and host a giveaway in efforts to raise funds for The American Cancer society. I’ll be offering 50% of the proceeds of my book sales, but most of all, I’ve be allowing entry into my giveaway without purchasing any of my books. If people will consider giving directly to the ACS, I’ll enter them into my giveaway as a thank you. 

I tried to get others involved in this endeavor, but no one was interested. If by any chance another blogger wouldn’t mind to share my Eternal Cause post on or around June 16, they’ll be entered into my giveaway also. I’ll also have a separate special prize to offer participating bloggers outside of my overall giveaway. If you are interest, please click here

So here’s what I’m giving away, whether I sell any books or not. It’s all about this cause

Eternal Curse themed gift box including
A set of gourmet coffee, tea, and cocoa (Green Tea Cocoa is a thing), 
1 signature piece of December 10 jewelry from Tori J. Jones (my inspiration for Mira), 
1 DVD copy of Rear Window (Abraham’s favorite movie), 
1 paperback copy of the Dreamer’s Dictionary (It’s all about Giovanni’s dreams), 
1 digital download card of Eternal Curse to give as a gift, and 
1 Eternal Curse Fan pack: t-shirt, pen, poster, and bookmark

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Click below to share your reactions and more. Remember, I’ll be moving to the ToiBox full-time soon, so please, stop by to check it out. Until next time, Toi Thomas. #cursescanbebroken #thetoiboxofwords